GIS Services
GIS is developing into the display & analytic tool of choice for many organizations due to the capability to easily reference and display various data sets in an integrated format. We have over 35 years of combined experience creating, analyzing and presenting data using various GIS products.

Cartographic Services
We excel in the production of Maps and map products, in electronic or paper formats. We create scale-able solutions which can be utilized repeatedly throughout the organization.

Application Development
We have provided development support for various GIS based applications, specializing in network wide data integration.  We have also developed various map services which are consumed by GIS web applications.

Spatial analysis using data visualization
Through our spatial analysis we help our clients obtain new insights about their data and use our data visualization techniques, to make Big Data into remarkable information, which can be further leveraged to achieve great results.The objective is to provide solutions for those questions which would never be uncovered using traditional analysis.

Software Engineering
Software engineering is one of the core strengths for our company. We have worked hard to maintain best practices in terms of both designing and implementing applications. We provide support for our clients through the software system development life cycle.

Information System Security
We can provide software and information security for organization. We help secure the organization’s network, by implementing systems to prevent attacks from data breaches and viruses. We take the time to inform and educate our client’s teams regarding safety issues and concerns.

Enterprise Service Provider (ESP)
We pride ourselves in having the capability to satisfy all the needs of our clients from software, hardware & networking technologies. We can provide a comprehensive solution which would help enhance the reliability for our clients.

Web and Internet Systems
We have the expertise in the designing, creating and maintaining web applications. We implement the best combination of technologies to ensure that web applications are platform and device independent.

Application Service Provider
We have technical expertise creating applications ranging from Enterprise wide applications to desktop applications technologies and expertise with a mix of databases and programming languages. We pride ourselves in our versatility, to capitalize on existing architecture of our clients and provide reliable solutions while maintaining strict adherence to IT standards.

Systems/Facilities Management and Maintenance
We provide a comprehensive solution for the client’s Data center requirements. Working on and off site, we analyze, plan, document and even train clients as required in procedures for regular maintenance, backup and recovery to ensure maximum up time.

IT Management Consulting Services
Our project managers guide our clients through all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle, whether it is designing a custom enterprise application, implement a business intelligence strategy, or evaluate and select a software package. We leverage our established systems to provide tailored, client-specific processes that are mapped to the business objectives and IT needs of the project.

Business Process Consulting Services
We help our clients improve on their current processes to make them more efficient, while establishing safeguards to achieve predictive results. Our goal is to strive for continuous improvement, based on increasing efficiencies throughout all the process of an organization.

Documentation/Technical Writing
We have helped our clients create training manuals, user manuals, help documentation and program maintenance manuals for the various systems. Our strength is creating products that are easily understandable by tailoring them for the audience.

Electronic Document Management
We have the capability to design and implement a wide variety of document management systems for our clients. We design our systems to avoid redundancy and to make more efficient use of our client resources. Our objective is to provide a solution which is simple and scalable, so that it can be easily adopted throughout the organization.

Traffic data analysis
We have several years of experience in the field of traffic engineering and have played key roles in gathering, verifying, analyzing, validating and publishing traffic data. The company has worked with MDSHA to establish procedures for data verification and methods of identifying inconsistencies based on automated traffic pattern recognition. We publish traffic data in various GIS and static report formats.

Roadway data collection
We have provided services for collection of roadway data which serves as the basis of the highway inventory, which is used throughout the state for locating various features along the highway. We have the expertise in collection of roadway characteristics that are used in highway planning and the distribution of the highway user revenue funds to the local jurisdictions.

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